Hour People

I am going to start putting together a Rogues gallery of Board Game Hour supporters with a quote from them, just because we want to.. This is not going to be an official list with rules etc, just a list of people who say something about us and are part of the community:

‏@Quirkative - refering to the board game hour podcast - "YES, FINALLY a World Class 'adult' #boardgame podcast. In the tradition of the finest British Comedy."

@JoeSondow - refering to the board game hour podcast - "@BoardGameHour You had me at "dangly wobbly bits" said in a British accent."

Nate's milkman - live on his doorstep - "Please don't associate me with that show"

Ben's girlfriend - about the hash tag chats - "I'm not a real person, I don't exist, please stop asking me for quotes!"

Note: we may have only put up the positive stuff to make you think we are great. Loads of people hate our podcast and us as people too

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  1. Take part in #boardgamehour
    Listen to the podcast.
    There are plenty of people out there who relish in the community reflecting real conversations and the way the hobby truly is as an experience for a lot of people.