A board game podcast which is hanging on the coat tails of the popular weekly board game twitter chat #BoardGameHour. We look back at what the board game community has been talking about but also share our opinions on many gaming subjects.

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Your host for the Board Game Hour podcast is:

The Minister of Board Games (@MOBoardGames or @BoardGameHour)

Ladies and gentlemen.. In the blue corner, hailing from parts unknown, weighting in at 210 pounds, at 6 feet tall and with the body of a god (Buddha).. It’s Nate Brett.. *slow clap from the audience*

Elected to the House of Consequences, the home of Parliament in 2013 he has since been the Minister of Board Games and is the bloke behind #boardgamehour.. He might be an evil genius.. 

Known for his mild manner, placid, introvert ways Nate is know for not taking hard lines on subject. He has been playing board games for over 134 years

Dippy Dolittle - Lewis Holt (@DippyDoLittle)

Nate is unable to even maintain an erection on his own, so has to have a co host.. Lewis started out as a video game pod-caster but soon realized that the really cool people talked about board games.

His super hero power is the "turtle shell of cowardice" meaning he is indestructible but can rarely win games.

Lewis is the voice of reason on the podcast but don't let that put you off he is a funny guy too when he sits close enough to the mic and does not bang the table!

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Why not drop us an email on boardgamehour.gmail.com

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Music by: Roc Nathan & Kevin Macleod http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/

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