Monday, 20 February 2017

Deceitfulness & Inspiration

We have topics today that represent opposite ends of the light and dark spectrum. We will be looking at games that encourage deceitfulness to start and then will be switching over to inspirational games after.
Hope you enjoy the board game chat :0)

Deceitfulness & Inspiration Questions Will Include:
  • What games really being out your deceitful side? 
  • How well does your group deal with in game deceit and back stabbing once the game is over? 
  • What games most inspires you to flip the table? 
  • What games most inspire you to design your own board games? 
  • Has a board game inspired you to do anything else? try another hobby? 
If you have a question you would like me to ask the board game community, drop me a tweet  @BoardGameHour before we start and I'll see if I can add it in :0) 

Come and join in our chat

#BoardGameHour is simply an hour long twitter chat all about board games (tabletop games). To join in all you have to do is be on twitter and add #BoardGameHour to your tweets so everyone can see what you are saying :0)

#BoardGameHour Start Time
Monday 11am PST - USA west coast time
Monday 2pm EST - USA east coast time
Monday 7pm GMT - UK time
Monday 8pm CET - Germany
Tuesday 3am AWST - Western Australia
Tue 5am AEST - Eastern Australia

Making it easier to take part in!

I generally used to use Nurph to host (providing its working) but every now and then it goes down and causes problems.

If this happens, I recommend using or or Tweet Deck or Hootsuite to follow the hashtag chat. Of course you can just use twitter but sometimes the amount of #boardgamehour tweets can be challenging to keep up with.

Hope you can make it!

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