Monday, 19 September 2016

Gender in gaming

Just floating around on Twitter, trying not to cause trouble (like I do), I came across a conversation about sexism in board gaming. One of the conversationalist suggested that gender would be a good topic for #BoardGameHour. I'm always open to suggested topics, so as if by magic, here we are.

I crowd sources a number of these questions, but in the full interests of disclosure, I should point out that I am a male.

As a side topic I'd like us to chat about "the Hotness".. Mainly this will focus on the Board Game Geek Hotness list.

Hope you enjoy the chat

Monday 19th September 2016 questions are:

Q1: Do you feel the board gaming hobby is male dominated? Is this something you would like to see change?
Q2: Who are your favourite female board game designers/publishers/reviewers (personalities)?
Q3: What games represent both men and women well?
Q4: Do you feel sexualised art and minis promote sexism in our hobby?
Q5: What pronouns are best for rulebooks to use when referencing players?
Q6: How could we make our hobby a more welcoming environment for women?
Q7: Are there any games you won't play because they encourage sexism?
Q8: Which publishers do you feel handle gender balance well?
Q9: Side Topic: Hotness.. Do you look at the BGG hotness list? How often?
Q10: How representative do you feel the BGG hotness list is of what is "hot"?
Q11: If you want to find out what is "hot" in board gaming, where do you go?
Q12: What tips would you give to a publisher who wants to build "buzz" around their game?

See you soon!

11am (L.A)
2pm (New York)
7pm (UK)
8pm (Germany)

Make Twitter chats easier with Nurph

I use this platform to host (providing its working) so if you want #BoardGameHourto be easier to follow I recommend coming here:

You can also watch the chats back on the Nurph service!

Hope you can make it!

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