Sunday, 31 July 2016

Post Apocalypse Games

August is going to be theme month on #BoardGameHour. We start off with post apocalyptic themed games. From Earth Reborn to 51st State there are many games that take place after that big bad thing happened (you know... the THING)

Our side topic is "difficult" gamers, you know who I mean!

Hope you enjoy these questions and the discussions they create.

Monday 1st August 2016 questions are:

Q1: Would a apocalytic theme on a game excite you? Make you more likely to want to play it?
Q2: What feel do you expect from a "post apocalytic" themed game?
Q3: Are there any games with a post apocalytic theme that don't feel like one when played?
Q4: What game would you use to introduce a post apocalyse fan to modern board games?
Q5: Are there any games you would like to see re-theme with a post apocalytic skin?
Q6: What do you like about the post apocalytic theme when is comes to board games?
Q7: What don't you like about the post apocalytic theme when it comes to board games?
Q8: What are your top 3 post apocalytic games?
Q9: What tips would you give to someone who wanted to design a post apocalytic game?
Q10: Side topic… Who are the most "difficult" gamers to play with?
Q11: Who do you deal with "difficult" gamers?
Q12: Is there one type of person you would never play a board game with?

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