Sunday, 26 June 2016

4 player games

To continue our series about player numbers, our main topic is about 4 player games. Is this the best player count? What are the problems with it?

We also continue the design challenge... You have a theme... You have some Mechanics... Now, how are you going to prototype your game?

Hope you enjoy these questions and the discussions they create.

Monday 27th June 2016 questions are:

Q1: How often do you play 4 player board games? Is it an easy number players to find?

Q2: What do you like about 4 player board games?

Q3: What don’t you like about 4 player board games?

Q4: Do most 4 player games end us being 2 vs 2?

Q5: Do you like playing co-op games 4 player? Why?

Q6: What are your top three 4 player games?

Q7: What games claim to be 4 player but you would not play them that way?

Q8: If someone new to the hobby wanted a 4 player board game what would you recommend?

Q9: What tips would you give to someone wanting to design a 4 player board game?

Q10: Design Challenge (Prototype)… you have a theme & mechs, what do you need to prototype your game?

Q11: How much effort should you put into prototyping?

Q12: How easy do you find it making changes to a prototype?

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