Thursday, 16 June 2016

3's a crowd + design challenge part 2

To continue our series about player numbers, our main topic is about 3 player games. The dynamic of 3 player games can be quite tricky. Most 2 player are zero sum games that are easy (ish) to balance and the dynamics between the players is pretty fixed. Add one more player into the mix and the whole thing changes massively!

I was very impressed by the responses to the design challange. My favorite idea was a Borg game where you are tying to assimilate other races! By far the funniest suggestion was  "Goat Simulator"! Not sure how it will play but maybe we will find out this week with part two being your chance to pitch the mechanisms that will bring your theme to life. If you missed last week (or want to change your theme idea), don't worry just pick a theme and let us know what it is when we start that part of the chat.

Hope you enjoy these questions and the discussions they create.

Monday 20th June 2016 questions are:

Q1: How often do you play 3 player board games? Is it an easy number players to find? #BoardGameHour 

Q2: What do you like about 3 player board games? #BoardGameHour 

Q3: What don’t you like about 3 player board games? #BoardGameHour 

Q4: Do you have any special "social contracts" for 3 player games? "no picking on x" etc #BoardGameHour 

Q5: Do you like playing co-op games 3 player? Why? #BoardGameHour 

Q6: What are your top three 3 player games? #BoardGameHour 

Q7: What games claim to be 3 player but you would not play then that way? #BoardGameHour 

Q8: If someone new to the hobby wanted a 3 player board game what would you recommend? #BoardGameHour 

Q9: What tips would you give to someone wanting to design a 3 player board game? #BoardGameHour 

Q10: Design Challenge (Mechs)… you have a theme, now tell us your main mechanism? #BoardGameHour 

Q11: Why does this mech work so well with your theme? What experience will it create? #BoardGameHour 

Q12: What side mechanisms will you used to support your main one? #BoardGameHour

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Hope you can make it!

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