Friday, 6 May 2016

Build / Construct

This weeks topic is inspired by two things. First my partner loves games where you build stuff, she loves to get to the end of a game and see something she has made in-front of her. I think lots of people like this too and I want to find out if I'm right. Second, I am moving in with said partner and finding places to store my over 200 board games has been interesting. To help I built a window seat / box... With so much building going on, I just had to have it as a topic!

(I can make you a bespoke one too.. Shipping not included lol)

Our side topic is about Eras, periods of time.

Hope you enjoy these questions and the discussions they create.

Monday 9th May 2016 questions are:

Q1:Generally do you prefer games where you build or games where you destroy?
Q2:have you ever built anything to help store your games? Will you need to at some point?
Q3:What mechanics feel the most like you are building / constructing something?
Q4:Do you like games where you build something before the game starts? E.g CCG's / Roleplay games
Q5:How do you feel about games where just as you have built something good the game ends?
Q6:What is your farourite game with a building/construction theme and mechanic?
Q7:How do you keep a construction game from bogging down into just resource farming?
Q8:Pitch us a new building / construction game idea :0) 
Q9:What tips would you give to designer who wants to make a building / construction game?
Q10:Side Topic: Eras… Does the era a game is set in effect your chance of liking it?
Q11:What era really gets you excited and would like to see more games made about?
Q12:Pick an era, now pitch a new game about it!

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