Friday, 12 February 2016

Pickup & be romantic

On Monday 15th of Feb our #boardgamehour Twitter chat is all about Pickup & Deliver games.
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BGG describes Pickup and Deliver as:

"This mechanic usually requires players to pick up an item or good at one location on the playing board and bring it to another location on the playing board. Initial placement of the item can be either predetermined or random. The delivery of the good usually gives the player money to do more actions with. In most cases, there is a game rule or another mechanic that determines where the item needs to go.
Empire Builder is a classic pickup-and-deliver game from 1980 that remains popular today. In this game, players build railroads between cities, and move trains around on the track. Players hold contracts specifying that specific cities demand specific types of goods. To fulfill a contract, a player must travel to a city where that good is available, pick it up, and deliver it to the destination city. When the player completes the contract, the player receives money as specified on the contract."

Our side topic, in honor of valentines day, is romantic games. Who doesn't want to play board games on a date, be it with your partner or the potential love of your life (at some point these should be the same thing ;0)

See you there!

Monday 15th Feb's #BoardGameHour questions are:

Q1: How would you describe the a pickup & deliver mech to someone new?
Q2: How many pickup & deliver games have you played? When was the last time?
Q3: What do you like about the Pickup & deliver mech?
Q4: What don't you like about the pickup & deliver mech?
Q5: Are there any Pickup & Deliver games that are not transport themed?
Q6: If Pickup & deliver can become repetitive, what games fix that?
Q7: What games use Pickup & Deliver as a side mech, not its main focus?
Q8: What are your top 3 Pickup & Deliver games?
Q9: Side Topic: Romanic games.. Do you play games with your partner?
Q10: What are the best games for a date?
Q11: What are the best games for a double date?
Q12: How soon do you tell someone you like board games? #Gamerandproud

You can RSVP here:

So what is #Boardgamehour

#boardgamehour takes place on twitter once a week. It's a virtual hangout for people who either love board games or want to know more about the hobby.

So the big question is how does #boardgamehour work?

It's simple, to join in all you need to do is add the #boardgamehour hash-tag to your tweets, during the hour. To see what everyone else is saying just search for #boardgamehour!

Making #boardgamehour easier!

To make this live Twitter discussion easier, I have made a room on which we can all use. All you have to do is make sure you are logged into Twitter then go to and log in, using your Twitter account. You don't have to use this, everything will be the same as normal, but if you do us Nurph, it acts like a chat room for twitter and add the Hashtag automatically :0)
For one hour every week, it's time to talk nothing but board games. #boardgamehour happens across the western world Every Monday - start times are:

11am (L.A)
2pm (New York)
7pm (UK)
8pm (Germany)

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