Friday, 6 November 2015

Print & Play and Story Telling

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This week our main #BoardGameHour topic is Print and Play games. These are games where you just receive a file (often free of charge) and have to print out the game yourself.

Our side topic is Storytelling games. These are games all about the narrative. Some examples would be Once Upon a Time, Gloom or Funemployed

Hope you enjoy these questions and the discussions they create.

Monday 9th Nov 2015 questions are:
  1. Have you ever played or designed a print and play game? How often? How was it? 
  2. Does the being a P&P option for a Kickstarter campaign influence your likelihood to back? 
  3. What are the pros and cons of print and play vs. published games? (10 mins to discuss) 
  4. What are good places to find print and play games for players? 
  5. what are good resources for a designer wanting to do print and play? 
  6. How big a game would you be willing to P&P? How much would it cost you? 
  7. Are there some designers who make really good P&P games? Who? 
  8. How you ever purchased a published game based on the P&P version? 
  9. How do you get people into the right mind set for a story telling game? 
  10. Is there a distinction between storytelling games and roleplaying games? 
  11. Which are the best story telling games? 

See you there... Why not bring some friends? :0)

Making #boardgamehour easier!

To make this live Twitter discussion easier, I have made a room on which we can all use. All you have to do is make sure you are logged into Twitter then go to and log in, using your Twitter account. You don't have to use this, everything will be the same as normal, but if you do us Nurph, it acts like a chat room for twitter and add the Hashtag automatically :0)

For one hour every week, it's time to talk nothing but board games. #boardgamehour happens across the western world Every Monday - start times are:

11am (L.A)
2pm (New York)
7pm (UK)
8pm (Germany)

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