Thursday, 15 October 2015

Halloween Games

This week we are doing a Halloween special! Why is this Mondays #BoardGameHour twitter chat about games that go bump in the night and not one closer to the time?

Well the simple answer is that over past years I have thought, "oohhh that sounds like the perfect game to play tomorrow, aaahhh I can't get it in time" and then I forget. This way we can all take actions based on the chat if we want too :0)

There is no side topic this week cause Halloween has loads of things to cover.

Monday 19th Oct 2015 questions are:

Q1: What emotions / feelings are you looking for a game to invoke at Halloween?
Q2: What tips would you give for improving atmosphere for Halloween gaming?
Q3: Which games would you recommend for young (under 12) kids at Halloween?
Q4: Do you think its possible to make a truly scary board game?
Q5: What themes would you like to see used for a new Halloween style game?
Q6: Do you use sound effects to enhance your Halloween games? Where do you source them?
Q7: Which games would you recommend for teenagers at Halloween?
Q8: Are there a set of mechanisms that work best for Halloween type games?
Q9: Which games would you recommend for adults at Halloween?
Q10: What advice would you give to publishers about making Halloween type games?
Q11: What advice would you give to someone running a games night for Halloween?
Q12: Do you have any good memories of Halloween board gaming?

Don't be scared to join in... :0)

Making #boardgamehour easier!

To make this live Twitter discussion easier, I have made a room on which we can all use. All you have to do is make sure you are logged into Twitter then go to and log in, using your Twitter account. You don't have to use this, everything will be the same as normal, but if you do us Nurph, it acts like a chat room for twitter and add the Hashtag automatically :0)

For one hour every week, it's time to talk nothing but board games. #boardgamehour happens across the western world Every Monday - start times are:

11am (L.A)
2pm (New York)
7pm (UK)
8pm (Germany)

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