Friday, 21 August 2015

What type of gamer are you?

Our #BoardGameHour topic for Monday Aug 24th is about you as a gamer.

This topic is inspired by an article written by one of our longest standing #BoardGameHour participants (he's been here from the start around 2 years ago) Chip Beauvais. Chip has taken gamers and has broken our personalities into six Player Psychographic Profiles:
  1. The Competitive Player - Her goal in playing is to develop and show mastery of the game. Her favorite quote is from Reiner Knizia, “The goal of game is to win, but it is the goal that is important, not the winning.” She won’t play with people who don’t try.
  2. The Clever Player. Her goal is to create combinations of effects that lead to a surprising, unlikely win. She doesn’t win often, but when she does, it’s memorable. She won’t play games with a single dominant strategy, unless she thinks she can undermine that strategy.
  3. The Exploratory Player. Her goal is to just see what happens when she takes the road less travelled. No game in her collection is more than two years old.
  4. The Immersive Player. A game doesn’t need to have meaningful decisions to be good, but it does have to tell a good story. She won’t play a game that’s thematically inconsistent, unless she can make up stuff to bridge the gap.
  5. The Systems Optimizer. Her goal is to find and utilize the most efficient path to victory. She won’t play games with luck-based outcomes.
  6. The Social Player. Her goal is to get together with friends and have fun. She won’t play games with a lot of rules, setup, or other overhead.
He points out in the article that "an individual player rarely fits into a single category... A person isn’t locked into a particular profile. It can vary by mood, which other players are at the table, how much mental energy you have, and other factors"

So we thought it would be good to look at what sort of player you are normally... I for instance am 33% Exploratory 33% Clever & 33% Immersive as a rule. I will almost never be a systems optimizer cause that feels like work!

So your "What type of gamer are you" questions are:

Q1: How would you describe yourself as a gamer? Competitive? Social? Optimizer? Immersive? etc #BoardGameHour

Q2: What do you get out of playing board games? #BoardGameHour

Q3: Once you’ve figured out how to win a game, do you get more or less joy out of playing it? #BoardGameHour #competitive

Q4: Does the group you are playing with affect how you play / what you enjoy about board games? #BoardGameHour

Q5: Do you avoid games where the winning can be effected by randomness? #BoardGameHour #optimizer

Q6: Have you ever made a move that decreased your chance of winning, but fit the narrative (or your character’s motivations) better? #BoardGameHour #immersive

Q7: Do you prefer strategies that are more likely to win or a strategy that no one else saw coming (even if it wins rarely)? #BoardGameHour #Clever

Q8: Have you ever played a game where you did’t care who wins or not counted your victory points up? #Social

Q9: Do other players accuse you of playing wrongly? Do other players get mad at you & point out how your decision wasn’t actually in your best interest? #BoardGameHour #exploratory

Q10: How important for you is it to play by the rules as written? #BoardGameHour

Q11: How has the type of gamer you identify as changed over time? #BoardGameHour

Q12: Having answered all the other questions, which profile (the extra hashtags) do you relate to most / least? #BoardGameHour

See you there :0)

You can read the whole of Chips work here: player psychographic profiles

Dont forget to us the hashtag #BoardGameHour or use the Nurph site

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