Sunday, 26 July 2015

Board games at parties

Our topic for this weeks #BoardGameHour twitter chat is playing board games at a party.

Now does this mean 'party games' or not is something that we are going to be discussing. One thing I would like to be clear from the start is that we are talking mainly about playing board games at an adult party, quite a lot of people and most likely drinking, music and food is happening.

Your "Gaming a parties" questions are:

Q1: Do you take board games to a party? Do you often get to play any at a party? #BoardGameHour

Q2: What games have you played at a party that are not traditionally considered a 'party game'?' #BoardGameHour

Q3: Are there games that are considered a 'party game' that would suck at a real party (one night werewolf)? Which? #BoardGameHour

Q4: What are the pros and cons to party games and gaming at a party? #BoardGameHour

Q5: Why do you think so many board 'gamers' seem to dislike the idea of party games? #BoardGameHour

Q6: Do you have any tips for managing large crowds when play a game? #BoardGameHour

Q7: What makes a good game for a party? What advice would you give designers about 'Party' games? #BoardGameHour

Q8: What tropes need to be avoided when picking out games to play at a party? #BoardGameHour

Q9: What 3 games do you feel are essential games for a party, and why? #BoardGameHour

Q10: What party game has given you the most memorable experiences? what made this happen? #BoardGameHour

Q11: Do parties and modern party games (like cash and guns) really go together? why? #BoardGameHour

See you there :0)

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