Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Crime Themed Games

This week we talk about games with a crime theme..
  1. Define Crime: "an action or omission which constitutes an offence and is punishable by law."
Here are your "Crime themed" Questions:

Q1: Do you generally like playing games with a crime theme? Why? #BoardGameHour

Q2: What crimes are ok to use in board games, what are not? why? #BoardGameHour

Q3: What do you like about games with a crime theme? #BoardGameHour

Q4: What don't you like about games with a crime theme? #BoardGameHour

Q5: What games really do the crime theme justice, why? #BoardGameHour

Q6: if you wanted to introduce someone to modern board gaming with a crime theme game, what would you pick and why?  #BoardGameHour

Q7: What games don't you like with a crime theme, why? #BoardGameHour

Q8: Which are your favorite games with a crime theme, why? #BoardGameHour

Q9: Does playing a board game with a "bad" theme mean you are endorsing that behavior? #BoardGameHour

Q10: What design space is there for crime based games? #BoardGameHour

Look forward to seeing you Monday.. 2pm Eastern Time, 7pm UK

Monday, 22 June 2015

Tile Placement Games

This week we talk about games with a tile placement mechanism. The "daddy" has got to be Carcassonne, but we need to look into this area of gaming more!

Board Game Geek defines Tile Placement as "Tile Placement games feature placing a piece to score VPs, with the amount often based on adjacent pieces or pieces in the same group/cluster, and keying off non-spatial properties like color, "feature completion", cluster size etc.A classic example is Carcassonne, where a player randomly draws a tile and place it next to other tiles and has a chance to place a meeple on the tile just played."
I feel this definition is to confined and feel games like Betrayal at House on the Hill and Room 25 are also tile placement games.. We will see what you think during #BoardGameHour

Here are your "Tile Placement Game" questions.. 

Q1: What constitutes a "tile placement" game and how many have you played / do you own? #BoardGameHour
Q2: Within your own definition, what do you like about tile placement games? #BoardGameHour
Q3: How do you feel tile placement games compare to worker /dice placement games? #BoardGameHour
Q4: What don't you like about tile placement games? #BoardGameHour
Q5: What games use tile placement as their core mechanism well? #BoardGameHour
Q6: Do you feel tile placement helps or hinders your immersion into a game? #BoardGameHour
Q7: What games use tile placement as a side feature to another mechanism? How does it work? #BoardGameHour
Q8: What are some of your favorite games with the tile placement mechanism? #BoardGameHour
Q9: What theme do you feel would go well with tile placement? #BoardGameHour
Q10: If you were to recommend one tile placement game to a new gamer, what would it be? why?#BoardGameHour
Q11: what other mechanism do you feel would go well with tile placement? #BoardGameHour
Q12: Do you have any questions about tile placement games? #boardgamehour

#BoardGameHour takes place every Monday at 8pm Germany, 7pm UK, 2pm USA (Eastern time)
Look forward to seeing you there!

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

distance gaming

During this weeks #BoardGameHour twitter discussion we would like to focus on playing board games with people who are a long way away. Many of us have friends who are not physically close enough to sit around a table on a regular basis to enjoy our favorite hobby.

There must be solutions to this, but what are they? How do be bring the gaming world even closer together?

Your "Distance Gaming" questions are:

Q1: Are there people you would like to play board games with but who you cant get around a table because of distance? #BoardGameHour

Q2: If there was a way to be able to play board games at distance easily would you use it? #BoardGameHour

Q3: Other than online gaming systems is there any other way to play board games with distant friends? #BoardGameHour

Q4: Does playing a board game via skype/google hangout really work? What are the issues with it? #BoardGameHour

Q5: He's a big one, what online systems designed for board game are the best? why?  #BoardGameHour

Q6: Are there some board games that work really well when played over distance (online or other)? #BoardGameHour

Q7: Are there some games that just can't be played at distance? why? #BoardGameHour

Q8: Are there online systems that handle asynchronous play well (a sort of play by email system)? #BoardGameHour

Q9: Do you think playing board game online is a good or bad thing overall? Why? #BoardGameHour

Q10: Is board gaming online good or bad for the hobby? #BoardGameHour

Q11: Your questions? #BoardGameHour

See you there!

Monday, 8 June 2015


Our #BoardGameHour topic today is about Characters in board games...

Your questions are:

Q1: when playing a game, do you embody the character you control? Or do you ignore character and play as yourself in each game? #BoardGameHour

Q2: do you notice gender or race of characters when you play a game? #BoardGameHour

Q3: Which designer do you feel creates good characters in board games? #BoardGameHour

Q4: Asymmetric character powers: Which games do it best? #BoardGameHour

Q5: What games make you feel like you really playing as a specific character? How do they do it? #BoardGameHour

Q6: (slight tangent, but a requested question) Whats your favorite RPG character creation system and why? #BoardGameHour

Q7: What's the first instance of diversity in character design you remember noticing? At what age did you first identify with one? #BoardGameHour

Q8: which games feature the most evocative character art? Have you ever bought a game or expansion specifically because of one? #BoardGameHour

Q9: Are there characters you won't play in a game? Why? #BoardGameHour

Q10: metaphysically is the character of the game something you can really feel strongly about? BoardGameHour

Q11: How much do you think a table top board game benefits from having characters/a backstory? Is it immersive or just dressing? #BoardGameHour

Enjoy the chat!