Friday, 1 May 2015

Industry / design week vote

Next week on the #BoardGameHour twitter chat is design / game industry week. We wanted to host the vote for which topic you want on our blog so that we could give a little more detail on each subject.

So your choices are:

Theme vs Mechanics
We would focus on the balance when designing a game of Theme and Mechanics. Some questions might be:

Which is more important to you? How do you tie them together well? Is a pasted on theme a draw back for you? Can designing with a theme in your mind force you down poor mechanical routes? Does being able to re-skin your game mean its not very thematic?

Getting Reviews
We would focus on the role of reviews for a game designer / publisher and how big an influence they have on your designs. Some questions might be:

Do you design with elite players in mind (reviews & alpha gamers)? How easy is it to get reviews? What sort of reach do reviewers really have? Who would you want to review your games? Would you pay for promoting if it was more professional?

Luck Mitigation
We would focus on the role of luck/randomness in board games. Some questions might be:

Does a game having luck make it not fun? Whats the point in having luck in a game if you want it to be mitigated? Is mitigation a nice way of saying reduced to the point where its not important? Why do so many people want less luck in games?

Vote now for your Favorited:

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