Saturday, 23 May 2015

A big Launch

Breaking news… 

If you thought that Asmodee absorbing large companies such as as Fantasy Flight and Days of Wonder with the ferocity of a Hungry Hungry Hippo was a massive, nay huge thing in the board gaming world, well you where probably right. But this announcement right now, the thing that you are reading, this thing, well its set to change the face of board game media forever*

*in truth it probably won’t, very few people will even notice, but those who do I'm talking to you reading this. Will instantly be more intelligent and sexually attractive to the opposite sex.

An alliance has been formed… A coming together of mighty forces… A geek army is being recruited; The Ministry of Board Games “alternative” media network is born!

The Ministry of Board Games was created many years ago by Nate Brett, to promote board gaming in a slightly different way. The first project he undertook was the weekly #BoardGameHour twitter chat, which has proven to be quite the success (despite Nate being involved).

So what you may ask is the aim of this new media network and who is involved? Our aim is and continues to be to create interesting and innovative board game media, but without the namby pamby fear of mature content. Um, you there with the dirty mack, NO! this is not porn move along..Tsk always one isn't there? Ahem. So, some of the shows in the network will have adult humour and language, some will not, but what they all will share is the desire to provide “grown up” board game content.

We want to push boundaries and try to break some new ground (like Scott Nicholson did with Board Games with Scott) while being informative and entertaining. The network is launching with 3 shows, but more will surely follow if this proves to be a success and there is as we suspect, a ferocious appetite for something a little different in the board gaming community.

Check out the shows we are luanching with here: NETWORK

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